Section 110.16 of the 2008 National Electrical Code requires that electrical equipment be marked to warn qualified personnel of potential arc flash hazards. the Arc Flash can be initiated through accidental contact, equipment which is underrated for the available short circuit current, contamination or tracking over insulated surfaces, deterioration or corrosion of equipment and, or parts, as well as other causes. In order to accurately evaluate the dangers associated with arc flash we must quantify the hazard through an arc flash study. The result of the arc flash study will categorize the hazard at specific equipment based on the incident energy, as well as identify the Arc Flash Protection Boundary. The overall intent of the study is to provide an increased level of safety for the electrical worker and facility. Those involved in the design, implantation and evaluation of electrical distribution systems must have an understanding of Arc Flash Hazards and how to evaluate the hazards as well as minimize or mitigate the hazard to the electrical worker.

Spec26 uses power system analysis software by SKM to perform arc hazard assessments.

  • Short Circuit Analysis
  • Coordination Studies
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
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